Patients Have a Right to Choose Home Care

When a person undergoes major surgery or has a significant medical episode, it can be difficult to keep the facts straight in their head. It can be even more complicated when they have to decide on home health services for when they’re discharged from the hospital. Many people believe that the hospital or physician determine who will help them. However, that is not the case. Under the Patient’s Bill of Rights, the patient has a right to choose their healthcare provider.People choosing healthcare

The Patient’s Bill of Rights also asserts that patients have the right to information regarding both their health care and the treatment plans available to them. They have the control to decide what services they receive after they leave the hospital. This is to protect the patient’s best interests.

Under the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, if individuals are covered through Medicare or Medicaid, they have the right to receive a list of home care providers available to them. Patients are encouraged to obtain this list. For full transparency, the list should also denote whether a hospital and health care provider have any form of partnership or financial agreement.

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