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Elder Care After a Heart Attack

Hearts attacks take extensive tolls on the body. The damage occurs when plaque clogs the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the blood. The blockage causes the blood to stop flowing to the heart, which denies the rest of the body of platelets and oxygen required to function properly. If the arteries do not obtain blood, they shut down, an event that cannot be reversed.

Given the pivotal role the heart plays in one’s health, a heart attack can cause severe trauma to the body. Patients recovering from an attack need to take care and follow directions prescribed by their physicians. Seniors, in particular, need additional aid in healing.

Key Components to Consider After an Elder Experiences a Heart Attack

  • Medication: After a heart attack, doctors prescribe medication to assist healing. The patient’s health, medical history, and severity of the heart attack influence the type and frequency of the medication. Heart attack patients must take their prescriptions exactly as directed. A caretaker can help remind your loved to take their medicine and ensure they follow their schedule.
  • Reducing Risk Factors: After a heart attack, it is important to take preventative measures. Part of the healing process includes reducing the risks of another attack. A patient should monitor their weight, quit smoking, and manage their cholesterol and blood pressure. A skilled nurse can help screen your loved one’s vital signs and help them eliminate potential risks of another heart attack.
  • Exercise: Exercise helps improve cardiovascular health. As part of the recovery process, regular activity is necessary. Elderly patients should engage in regular exercise, tailored to their abilities, to promote healing and health. This can prevent another attack by strengthening the heart.
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety: Stress and anxiety are known factors that can cause a heart attack. To prevent another one from occurring, an individual must manage the stressors in their life. It can be as simple as taking time to meditate every day. To help reduce anxiety and aid recovery, a caretaker can help. By assisting with daily errands and general tasks, caregivers help alleviate stressors so that the patient can focus on recovering.

At Home Healthcare’s team of caregivers and nurses are ready to help. If your loved one suffered a heart attack, contact us for in-home care in Texas. We have qualified personnel who have experience helping patients recover. We offer relief for you and your loved one.

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