Is It Autism? | Diagnosis and Treatment

autismAutism is a developmental disorder that begins within the first three years after conception and, according to the U.S. Federal Centers for Disease Control, afflicts 1 in 68 children in the U.S. It may impact, in varying degrees, social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and some children with speech might even be intellectually gifted. There is no reason to wait for your pediatrician to suggest a screening if you think your child may be autistic. Visiting a developmental pediatrician or a clinical psychologist trained in diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) could offer answers to your questions.

For parents, you can look for early signs such as no smiling, not pointing at things, not attempting to interact or share with you, repetitive behaviors, and not understanding feelings. Once diagnosed with autism, there are therapies and treatments available, regardless of where an individual falls on the spectrum. Even while waiting for a definitive diagnosis, you can begin early intervention, which typically involves at least 25 hours of weekly therapy, teaching communication, play, and learning skills.

Treatment and therapy help children with autism improve many core areas, including social and language skills, play skills, daily living and motor skills, though responses may vary depending on how mild or severe their symptoms are. Although autism, as a genetic disorder, it is not technically curable, it is possible through intensive early intervention for a child to fall off the spectrum, and achieve normal IQ scores. However, it is an area in which much research needs to be done and there is no way to determine which child will respond to treatment with such results.

At Home Healthcare offers a wide range of services, including pediatric speech therapy, which can be beneficial for children diagnosed with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other language-learning disabilities.

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