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Preparing for Flu Season

sick womanIt’s that time of year that we all dread: flu season. The thought of getting sick or a loved one coming down with the flu is enough to turn anyone into a germophobe. There are plenty of ways to spread the illness, so everyone should be as prepared as possible. Here are some tips that could help you avoid the flu!

Wash. Wash. Wash.

No matter where people go, they are bound to touch a number of objects throughout the day. Door handles, shopping carts, or even other people’s hands, all of which can contain bacteria and germs. One of the most effective ways to keep the flu at bay is to make sure proper hand washing is part of the daily routine. Teaching children and helping elderly loved ones with this is particularly important, due to their weaker immune systems. Make sure to work the soap on the hands for at least 20 seconds, rinse with warm water, then use disposable towels to not only dry hands, but also to turn off the water and open the door.

No Touching the Face

Because the hands are the main point of transfer for germs from one surface to the next, avoid touching any part of the face, specifically the eyes, nose, and mouth. This can prevent germs from entering the body. If it is necessary for a person to touch their face, he or she should make sure to wash their hands thoroughly beforehand.

Stock Up On Medicine

While most people would prefer to not get sick at all, part of preparing for flu season means making sure the medicine cabinet is stocked in case someone in the home does get sick. Cough drops, nasal sprays, throat lozenges, fever and pain relief medications, antihistamines, and decongestants can all be helpful aids.

Prevent Spreading Germs

Quick, bring out the hazmat suits! Really, if someone in the home is sick, make sure that nobody else in the home is exposed to the germs. If it is the parent or caretaker of an elderly loved one who is sick, they should understand what they can do to keep the germs away from others. Wash hands thoroughly, dispose of tissues, and avoid sharing cups and other items.

Flu season is a difficult time for any household, but being prepared with a plan can make things go a bit smoother.

At Home Healthcare understands the challenges of flu season and the importance of keeping our loved ones healthy.

Call us today to learn about our services and see what we can do for you and your family.

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