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4 Signs You Need a Caregiver

PT helping elderly manIndependence is a critically important element for most of us, and many cannot imagine having to leave home. With the right caregiver, it is entirely possible for you to continue to live life much as you always have, with the added assistance of a skilled individual who is able to offer you the support you need. How does one know if they are in need of a caregiver?

To answer this question, there are some red flags you should be aware of, which may indicate a need for a caregiver, or support services.

  1. Repeated Questions: Do you often feel lost or confused in places that were once familiar to you, or have difficulty following directions? Forgetfulness is a prominent indicator of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. If friends or family have mentioned that you often ask repetitive questions, this may also be another sign of cognitive difficulties.
  2. Missed Medications: If you are missing doses of medication, this could be dangerous for your health and you may need assistance to avoid health complications caused by missed doses, or even accidental overdoses.
  3. Scorched Pans: If you are experiencing cognitive problems, you might notice scorched pans in your kitchen. This might be a sign that you are forgetting about food cooking on the stove. This could eventually lead to a serious, even deadly accident.
  4. Empty Refrigerator: If you are having difficulty getting to the grocery store, you might often have a refrigerator that is either empty or full of spoiled food. If you need help with grocery shopping or cleaning, there are services available to help you with these tasks.
  5. Irrational Purchases: You might be having trouble managing your finances, or difficulty calculating simple math and paying bills. To avoid financial disaster, you will need help to manage these issues.

Your loved one might not be able to recognize these signs, which is why friends and family members should be observant of these signs. It is also important to observe any changes in appearance, such as poor hygiene, baggy or wrinkled clothing, and drastic weight loss. These are often the easiest signs to spot, especially if it is out of character.

Another sign for loved ones to look out for is isolation. If your loved one seems to be withdrawing from friends and family, it could put his or her physical and mental wellbeing at risk. Being social is a crucial part of mental stimulation, so it is vital to encourage this. Reach out to your loved one. A desire for isolation could indicate an untreated impairment, which may be discouraging him or her from communicating with others.

Just because you or your loved one is having difficulties does not mean independence is coming to an end. It simply means a caregiver’s services should be sought to help carry out daily tasks and ensure any safety risks are addressed.

At Home Healthcare: Providing Home Care For Over 30 Years

At Home Healthcare understands the struggles of caring for an aging parent or loved one, as well as the importance of independent living. We offer compassionate care that helps relieve the concern friends and family may have for their loved one, facilitating a safe and healthy independent life for every individual we serve. Our skilled caregivers endure a thorough screening, complete with background and reference checks, and have been proven to deliver the highest quality of service.

We offer a variety of services, including companion care, personal care, dementia and Alzheimer’s care, and transitional care.

Take the first step to finding out more by contacting us today at (877) 959-9093.

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