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Fun Summer Activities to Do With an Autistic Child

Kids playingSummertime means warm weather, which creates the perfect opportunity to take fun activities outdoors. This can give your autistic child a chance to enjoy a change of scenery and a way for you to incorporate new games into a routine that can also be beneficial.

Here is a list of some fun summer activities you and your autistic child can enjoy this summer:

  • Hopscotch: This can involve either one child or a group. With sidewalk chalk, create a hopscotch board. Your child can use a stone or another small object to mark his or her place. Hopscotch is not only a fun activity, but it also allows your child to develop fine and gross motor skills and, when played in a group, social skills as well.
  • Obstacle Course: Create a fun obstacle course for your child as a movement exercise, with a difficulty level that is appropriate for his or her needs. This can be done with pool noodles, slides, stairs, play tunnels, and even sidewalk chalk. Include activities that also involve jumping, or dribbling a ball.
  • Hide and Go Seek: This is typically an indoor game, but can be just as fun outdoors. Playing this activity outside can also help your child remain calm while alone and help develop skills associated with following rules.
  • Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is fun for most children and especially beneficial for autistic children. It can help with sensory and joint attention difficulties. For added sensory stimulation, use scented bubbles and get creative with the bubble making tools to produce different sized bubbles.
  • Cloud Watching: When an autistic child is viewing clouds, ask him or her to describe things or feelings. It is an excellent game to facilitate speech therapy and is a beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors together.
  • Sorting Nature: This is a form of occupational therapy for children with autism. Take your child outdoors and gather leaves, flowers, twigs, and rocks, then proceed to help your child sort them out into categories. Or, instead of helping your child gather the items, let him or her choose which ones to collect.
  • Set-Up a Smelling Station: Gather small containers, fabric scraps, rubber bands, and a lot of fragrant ingredients. Place an ingredient into each container and cover it with the fabric scrap, then secure it with a rubber band. This will create a whole collection of smells to tease your child’s nose, while exploring the breathing and relaxation associated with pleasant scents.
  • Rain: Summer rain is a wonderful sensory experience for children with autism. As soon as it starts raining, go outdoors with your child. You can either let him or her enjoy the feeling of wet clothing, or use an umbrella to appreciate the sounds the rain makes as it falls. Ask your child if the air smells different, or take a stroll in a stream of water.
  • Hit the Pool: No summer rain? Go to the pool. Going from dry to wet can be over stimulating for children with sensory challenges, but the benefits outweigh them. Begin by sitting on the side of the pool, wrapping a wet towel around your child, and play near the water.

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