Alex Anderson At Home Support Attendant of the Month June 2018

Alex started in the healthcare industry 5 years ago and has been on the At Home Support team for 2.5 years. Alex enjoys spending time with her clients and learning about their lives and putting smiles on their faces. We're proud to have Alex on our team!

Alex has two beautiful boys, Colt and Braxon, with her amazing husband Matt. When she's not working, she likes to spend quality time with her family and friends and cooking with her husband.

One of her most memorable moments is when she got the opportunity to take a client out for errands after she had been restricted to a facility for quite some time. Alex says "She was so excited to see me that day. I took her to the Dollar Store and her face lit up as we filled her buggy. That made my day and I will never forget that smile on her face".
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