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Questions You Must Ask Yourself & Others Before an Aging Parent Can Move in with You

Have you considered assuming the role of a full-time caregiver for your elderly mother or father? Even in the closest-knit families, this is a major decision that takes serious thought before you commit. This is particularly true if others live under the same roof as you and may have to pitch in with caregiver responsibilities. Making sure you’re prepared can make all the difference in preventing confusion, frustration, and hurt feelings before taking on the life-changing act that will surely impact all involved. Be honest with yourself about the impact that this kind of commitment can have on yourself and the others who live with you.

Practical Considerations to into Account When You’re Thinking of Having a Parent Move in with Your Family

It's important to take a hard look at what you’re capable of providing and handling when it comes to caregiving, and that means everything from the financial aspect of providing for them or the physical aspects of helping them if they have mobility problems. If you already feel like you’re 100% busy and your life is too hectic without your parent living or moving in with you, then this may not be the best decision. After all, your parent will likely require more attentive care than what you can provide for them. There are other practical considerations to take into account, too, such as whether your home can comfortably accommodate another adult and whether your home is “senior-proofed” with safety features they may need to navigate the home without risk of slips or falls.

Consider the Emotional Impact of Caring for Your Elderly Parent

What is your relationship like with your parent? You can be sure that even if you are close with your mother or father that stress will arise from being their caregiver, especially if they resent you reaching out to help them and implying they aren’t independent enough to live on their own. Also, remember that your parent’s mental, physical, and cognitive abilities will decline with time, and you will have to prepare yourself to take a front and center seat for watching these changes. Caregiver burnout is real. What may start with good intentions and compassion can change to frustration, stress, and desperation for help. If you are the actual primary caregiver and your spouse, children, or siblings don’t help you, this could also create deep resentments in your family dynamic that wouldn’t have existed had you not moved your parent into your household. Consider your own boundaries and limits before they move in and what exactly you’re willing to give up in exchange for your parent to move in with you.

Questions You Might Want to Ask Professionals Before Your Parent Can Move in With You

You may want to consider getting professionals involved before your parents move in, from attorneys to financial advisors to elder care consultants. For example, you can ask your parent about long-term care insurance and if they have powers of attorney set up for their financial matters and healthcare advance directives should they not be able to make their own choices. A financial advisor can help determine whether your parent can contribute financially to their home care and you can ask your parent about any current debts or financial complications they have that you should know about.

Ready to Commit to Having Your Parent Move in With You? Consider In-Home Caregiving from Experts.

At Home Healthcare is an in-home caregiving agency offering services to clients in Texas. We can help you determine whether having your aging parent live with you is a viable option and assist in developing a care plan that would benefit you and your family. In-home caregiving services can be beneficial for households where elderly loved ones live, as these expert caregivers providing private home services offer the support family members need to avoid burnout. Let us help – give us a call today to discuss in-home caregiving options.

To get in touch with At Home Healthcare, please call (877) 959-9093 today.

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