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Dealing with Parental Resistance to Caregiving

It’s often hard for parents to accept that they need help from a caregiver. Admitting that you need a caregiver means giving up some of your independence, acknowledging that you’ve entered a new stage ...
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Tips for Helping Patients with Sundowner’s Syndrome

There is not yet a cure for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, so treatment is usually focused on improving the patient’s quality of life. Assessing the quality of life for these patients is not ...
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Assessing Quality of Life for Dementia Patients

There is not yet a cure for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, so treatment is usually focused on improving the patient’s quality of life. Assessing the quality of life for these patients is not ...
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How to Care for Multiple Parents with Dementia

Family dynamics tend to change as parents age. Children become caretakers and parents become dependents. When one parent experiences age-related decline or develops an illness, this transition can be ...
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How to Care for Parents with Dementia At Home

Proofing Your Home to Keep Your Loved Ones with Dementia Safe Ever heard of baby-proofing? In the same way you might need to eliminate hazards and implement special safety measures in order to protect ...
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Home Safety & Alzheimer's Disease

Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease can continue to live at home, but it requires some safety precautions as well as a knowledgeable and patient caregiver. This will give the Alzheimer’s afflicted ...
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What To Look For When Choosing Pediatric Home Healthcare

For parents, nothing and no one is more important than their children. When it comes to choosing pediatric home healthcare for your child, you want to be certain that you are selecting the best and ...
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4 Signs You Need a Caregiver

Independence is a critically important element for most of us, and many cannot imagine having to leave home. With the right caregiver, it is entirely possible for you to continue to live life much as ...
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Fun Summer Activities to Do With an Autistic Child

Summertime means warm weather, which creates the perfect opportunity to take fun activities outdoors. This can give your autistic child a chance to enjoy a change of scenery and a way for you to ...
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Strategies for Effective Time Management

Do you wish you had a few more hours each day to get tasks done? Are you constantly scrambling at the end of the day to complete the myriad of projects you began that morning? You are certainly not ...
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Stay Stroke Free: National Stroke Awareness Month

A stroke, sometimes called a brain attack, occurs when something blocks blood supply to part of the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. In either case, parts of the brain become damaged ...
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5 In Home Safety Risks for Seniors

Even though our homes are safe and familiar environments, they can still present a number of hazards and safety risks, especially for older adults. In fact, statistics show that millions of adults ...
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5 Winter Activities for Seniors

The winter months can present unique challenges to seniors. From poor weather conditions that may aggravate medical conditions or prevent seniors from spending much time outside to potential dangers ...
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Tips for Teaching Your Child Vowel Sounds

Before your child ever develops the capability to use words, they will first begin to make sounds, babbling their way toward eventual speech. At two months, you will hear the child uttering cooing ...
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How to Diet and Exercise for a Healthier Heart

Most of us know that a healthy diet and exercise can promote heart health, but how many of us truly know what foods are best or how much exercise is enough? Making the right food choices and ...
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How to Eliminate Fall Risks In Your Home

Two of the most common causes of injuries among seniors are falls and motor vehicle accidents. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year one in three adults over 65 ...
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New Year - New Organized and Decluttered Home

Every year, people make a series of resolutions, promising to make life better or to improve themselves. One thing that should make it on your list every time is to organize and declutter your home, ...
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How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

Every year, the holidays roll around and, with them, the temptation to over indulge in deliciously rich foods. Just because this is a time of celebration and festivity does not mean you have to engage ...
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Preparing for Flu Season

It’s that time of year that we all dread: flu season. The thought of getting sick or a loved one coming down with the flu is enough to turn anyone into a germophobe. There are plenty of ways to spread ...
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Handling Caregiver Burnout

This upcoming November is National Family Caregiver month and it’s all about showing appreciation to those who take care of the ones we love. Because of this, we want to make sure caregivers ...
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Tips to Get Your Kids to Try New Foods

“No dessert until you eat all your vegetables!” Most parents find themselves saying this to their children at some point. Let’s face it, children can be picky when it comes to their food. In fact, a ...
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Senior Mobility: If You Don't Use It, You Lose It

Ever heard the saying use it or lose it ? Turns out, this colloquialism applies to a variety of health topics. Research published in Ohio State University’s Research and Innovation Communications ...
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Getting Your Kids In the Routine of School & Homework

The end of summer is just around the corner. For your children, this means getting back into the routine of waking up early, getting to school, and dealing with daily assignments. As a parent, you ...
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4 Tips for Parents: Making the Most of Life with ADD/ADHD

Attention deficit disorders don’t have to drive a wedge between parents and their children. Here are four simple steps parents can follow to help their children cope with ADD or ADHD. For parents with ...
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Staying Hydrated in the Texas Heat

In the summer months, Texas can become uncomfortable from the high temperatures and heatwaves. Not only can this be difficult to deal with, it can also have an impact on your health when you become ...
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Why is Mom Forgetting Her Keys? Key Signs of Alzheimer's

Watching our loved ones get older is a tough situation as they start to change and things become more difficult for them to do. It’s even worse if they develop a condition such as Alzheimer’s or some ...
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Risks of Falls Around the Home

It’s a difficult task to watch our loved ones age and have trouble walking and moving around the house. After all, these were simple actions that once required very little energy to do. Now it may be ...
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Communication Strategies for Individuals with Dementia

When someone has dementia, it may be difficult to communicate with them. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, though. It is a situation that is particularly troubling when you are caring for ...
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Dealing with Loss of Appetite in Seniors

Eating habits and appetites naturally change with age. However, when our loved ones grow older, their lack of interest in food and water can be concerning. It can be difficult to ensure your elderly ...
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6 Springtime Activities for Seniors

The National Institute of Health’s study demonstrates the healing properties of the sun and going outdoors. They found that participants who suffered from depression experienced increased positive ...
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Elder Care After a Heart Attack

Hearts attacks take extensive tolls on the body. The damage occurs when plaque clogs the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the blood. The blockage causes the blood to stop flowing to the heart, which ...
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