Pediatric Services FAQ

Q: Can you provide service to my child during the day while they are at school?

A: We can provide care at a daycare center but we are prohibited from providing services at public schools.

Q: Can you come after 5pm when I am home from work or on the weekend?

A: We are not currently able to offer therapy after regular business hours.

Q: How long does a therapy visit take?

A: A typical therapy visit lasts about 30-40 minutes.

Q: How many times a week can you come?

A: Your therapist will consult with your child’s physician develop a schedule to meet your child’s specific needs. Other factors may be involved as well, depending on the payor source.

Q: Do you have Spanish-speaking therapists?

A: We have many bilingual therapists on staff at AHH. We will check therapist availability for your specific area to ensure we are able to meet any bilingual needs before accepting your case.

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