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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs listed below. Click on the services you are interested in. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

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Adult Care Services FAQ

Q: Will Medicare cover in home care and what will my co-pay be?

A: Home Health services are 100% covered by Traditional Medicare with no out of pocket expense to the patient. Medicare Replacement Plans may have an associated expense depending on the plan. Our financial counselor will help you determine if you will have any co-payments due for home health services.

Q: What would my co-pay be with my specific type of insurance?

A: We will need to run your specific policy to determine any out of pocket expenses. We have a financial counselor available to assist with determining benefit coverage and patient expenses.

Q: Will they clean my house?

A: Medicare only covers services for a skilled medical need. There are some Medicaid programs available that offer attendant services such as light housekeeping. You must apply and qualify for those programs through the Department of Aging and Disability. You can reach them at 877-317-2121.

Q: Do I have to quit driving to get home health?

A: Medicare requires that patients receiving home health services meet their requirement of homebound status. To be considered homebound, leaving the home must be a taxing effort for the patient and trips outside the home must be infrequent and of short duration.

Q: Can I get an Aide to help me bathe and/or cook?

A: If you have a skilled need for a nurse or therapist and qualify, an aide may be able to come and assist you with bathing, dressing, and grooming. Medicare benefits do not cover services such as cooking and light housekeeping. Even if your physician orders such services, Medicare does not cover them.

Q: Can I get a nurse to come and care for me at home and go to Outpatient to receive my physical therapy?

A: Only if you are in need of therapy that cannot be provided in the home, such as a whirlpool.

Q: I am on service with another agency right now but I am not happy with their care. How can I switch to your company?

A: We can assist you with that process. Once we have your information we can contact your physician to obtain orders. Once we have received those, you will be able to contact your current agency and request a discharge. The discharge must be requested by the patient or physician.

Q: Do I have to have a doctor’s order to get nursing or therapy service?

A: Yes, you must have a physician’s order to receive nursing or therapy services and your physician must follow your care. We will be happy to contact your physician and request an order for home health services for you.

Q: Will you come and do a home safety evaluation?

A: If you are admitted to home health services with a qualifying need, our nursing and/or therapy staff will assess your home for possible hazards and safety concerns. We cannot provide a safety evaluation to patients not receiving home health services.

Q: Can you come to the (my workplace/hospital) to provide services?

A: Services must be provided in your home or temporary residence and cannot be provided in a facility that provides healthcare services.

Q: Can you provide care to a resident in an Assisted Living Facility?

A: Yes, as long as the facility is not providing any services (nursing and/or therapy) that the home health agency will be providing.

Pediatric Services FAQ

Q: Can you provide service to my child during the day while they are at school?

A: We can provide care at a daycare center but we are prohibited from providing services at public schools.

Q: Can you come after 5pm when I am home from work or on the weekend?

A: We are not currently able to offer therapy after regular business hours.

Q: How long does a therapy visit take?

A: A typical therapy visit lasts about 30-40 minutes.

Q: How many times a week can you come?

A: Your therapist will consult with your child’s physician develop a schedule to meet your child’s specific needs. Other factors may be involved as well, depending on the payor source.

Q: Do you have Spanish-speaking therapists?

A: We have many bilingual therapists on staff at At Home Healthcare. We will check therapist availability for your specific area to ensure we are able to meet any bilingual needs before accepting your case.

At Home Support Services FAQ

Q: How much are your rates?

A: Rates vary depending on the number of hours needed and the type of care provided. Once we discuss the amount and type of care you need, we can provide you with an hourly rate.

Q: Will my insurance pay for services?

A: Most health insurance policies do not cover caregiver services. Some Long Term Care policies provide coverage. We will be happy to contact your insurance company and find out what services might be covered.

Q: How quickly can you start services?

A: We make every effort to be in the home within 24 hours if you need to establish service quickly.

Q: Are your attendants/caregivers certified?

A: Attendants/caregivers are not Nurse Aide Certified but we carefully screen them through background and reference checks and they must have a minimum of six months of experience.

Q: Will you send the same attendant out every time?

A: We do our best to have two core attendants per 40 hours (or less) of service coming into the home. This allows the client to become completely familiar with their caregivers.

Q: Can you provide 24-hour care?

A: We do provide 24-hour care in 12-hour shifts. We are not able to provide “live-in” attendants.

Q: Do you set up the times of service or do we get to set the times?

A: The client sets the times of service.

Community Care Services / Provider Services / Medicaid Waiver Programs FAQ

Q: How do I get services?

A: You must qualify for services through the Department of Aging and Disability Services. You can contact them at 877-317-2121.

Q: How can I get someone to come and clean my house?

A: You must qualify for services through the Department of Aging and Disability Services. You can contact them at 877-317-2121.

Q: I am receiving provider services and would like to change agencies. How can I do that?

A: You will need to contact the Department of Aging and Disability Services or your caseworker to request a change of agencies. You can request At Home Healthcare and we will be happy to take your case.

Q: How many hours can I get?

A: The Department of Aging and Disability Services will determine the hours for which you may qualify.

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